Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Hard to Hold!

Now "Too Hard to Hold", a part of my comment on a blogger friend's post, ushered me to the following HAIKU for you to enjoy and evaluate. :)

Orphan’s life by birth
Can’t say what mom’s love is like
Cry – too hard to hold!

Day breaks promising
Moments leave me un-cared-for
Cry – too hard to hold!

Getting drowned in pains
Hopes wander as homeless tramps
Cry – too hard to hold!

Heart broke to pieces
Soul irreparably hurt
Cry – too hard to hold!


  1. It's really sad when it's too hard to hold. Expressive haiku! :)

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  3. @Geeta - Hey, what happened? Preparing to cry?

    Oh no! No-no-no no crying, oh dear dolly!
    Please give a big smile and have this lolly!

    Hope you are smiling now! :)

  4. @Balqis - Yeah, sometimes it is too hard to have and sometimes too hard to hold. Emotions make their ways out themselves. We simply experience them.
    Look, Balqis! You appeared with your comment in the second place after Geeta. Perhaps you made the comment a bit moved by her weepy face. And, now look who is there after you. She has already cried - she has done the job left incomplete by Geeta. Did you transfer the job appearing between the two?
    Just a practical joke! Hope you all three fellows will like it. :)

  5. @Shanin - Hey Shahin, what is all this? Cried? Too hard to stop? I appeared a bit late. Geeta prepared to cry. And, you did her incomplete job successfully! All right, all right! It is healthful to cry our feelings out. Hope you feel calm and comfortable now, aren't you? .... he-he... just kidding!

    Really, Shahin, a throbbing heart easily gets moved by pathetic sights and sounds. And, tears well up automatically. That's the beauty of softheartedness.
    Your expression is so simple and you are so successful, I hope. :)

  6. @Fiducia - Best of Act, Fiducia. Go ahead! I will try to stand by you, cherishing in my heart the hope and wish for your success!

  7. yeah now fine ..its really sad poem ...i have written 3 poems - sucess, real beauty, poverty ...plz do read them and i want ur feedback

  8. Nice to hear that. But, how can you assure me without a smile? (Just a joke!)

    Wow, Geet! I did visit your poems, found them so touching and soothing! you have proved that you have got the TALENT! Believe yourself and hopeful words from friends; the way will be clearer and easier for you to get ahead along!

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  11. Oh !! Don't know what to comment... I'm short of words ! :)

  12. @ Rawiyah - Really? Thanks for adding sunshine to the blog by adding my blog to the list of Sunshine Award Recipients. I will soon collect it, a fiend's gift. How come I can dare to miss it?

  13. @ Kitty - Hello! Wordless are you? Would you like to borrow some from me? "Emotions can themselves make ways out through smiles and tears without depending on words!" Right?

  14. @ Awful - Thanks for the way you have found my blog and the link. I will be there soon. Thanks again.