Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wish You Dreamy Destination!

Hi there! 
Now I am presenting a two-stanza poem that I finished yesterday. As I went through an old comment of mine on a friend's post,
"Do keep on your creative journey to BEYOND IMAGINATION!
A friendly wish for you to get to your DREAMY DESTINATION!!
" I came up with something that goes here~

Wish You Dreamy Destination

Friend, I can't say what your true dream is!
Fairy tale, realistic colors searching for sense!!
You experiment with feelings flying overseas!
Thoughts are twisted and outcomes so intense!!

O friend, I can't guess what your true dream is!
Your moves often feel me beyond imagination!!
Yes, it is pleasantly puzzling what exactly it is!
Anyway, I just wish you your dreamy destination!!



  1. So nice! That dreamy destination could be reached one day when it'll be a reality. :)

  2. Hope that our dreams will come true and we'll reach our dreamy destination someday:)
    wow ..rhyming liked it:)!!

  3. Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny ! :)

    Beautiful ! :)

  4. @ Balqis - :) Everyone may have something like that, do you? If yes, let me wish you yours coming true! Liked it!! Thanks, Balqis! :)

  5. @ Geeta - So pleasant! Just hope and enjoy your journey ahead. But, never be in a hurry. Let your dream come true at its own pace! Thank you, Geeta! :)

  6. @ Kitty - Oh, really!! So subtle your words are! Follow your star and you will get to your dream, your destiny! So dream, star and destiny are interrelated! Thank you, Kitty! :)

  7. I wonder the way your feelings are expressed through your writing...Awesome !!!

    kya kahu aap ki kavita ki tareef me,
    Dar hai kahi alfaz kam na pad jaye.

  8. I can't help wowing, Sober Shahin! :D

    Such a nice couple of poetic lines for the appreciation of the poem that was simply what came to my mind.

    Thanks a lot, friend! :)