Monday, July 4, 2011

Another WOW!

Hello dear Readers!
The post herewith is more the acceptance than the extension of the comment line dropped as a part of my comment on the post “The Sunshine Award :)” by Rawiyah, a blogger fellow of mine. Yet, had I not extended the acceptance how could I have had a related post on the award awarded to me? That is why it would not be irrelevant to relate that the post of mine is the outcome guided to by my comment line “It is my pleasure to accept it

Hello Rawiyah!
  I can’t help congratulating you on your winning the SUNSHINE AWARD.
Maznah nominated you!
  It does truly reflect the silky quality that you have to extend FRIENDWARD.

Your blog won the e-cook’s heart!
  I am dead sure she found it as yummy as her variety of dishes.
I too feel the flavors in your posts!
  So, for better and greater varieties, let me offer you friendly wishes.

Now I must thank you!
  You've elected my blog to share the sunshine with, HEARTY THANKS TO YOU!
Now my onus it is!
  I need to help the sunshine cover a greater area and I am just initiating with a few.

My pleasure it is!
  I accept such a wonderful gift from you, a ray of sunshine, a blogger friend of mine.
Come rain or sunshine,
  I feel all my friends close through rainy days to the palmy days of dazzling shine.

Well, well, let me now say something about me to you all.
  Of course I do have a pen, but unfortunately no pen name yet. but the real one!
I know something in English that I share with learners whether they are short or tall.
  They may call me a language instructor, yet I am still a learner – learning is a great fun!

I feel like playing with words just a baby plays with toys!
  Tossing the words around, arranging in some way or the other.
Adding some sense I like to create some writings and read them with great noise!
  I feel that is the way I have to shape my career better to share my knowledge further.

Nominating TEN bloggers!!

  A fairly hard nut for me to crack in a single attempt.
                    Anyway, I am searching for the deserving nominees now.
I could really do it!!
  I have been able to complete the quota in the first attempt.
                    So, I am just mentioning their names with their blogs now.

Dear deserving bloggers!
  Please have a lovely look at the gift with a big smile and do accept it coming forward.
Order-free names, as well as the blogs of yours that have their own styles!
  Here you are selected for the Sunshine Award.

·         Gorgeous Geeta

·         Sober Shahin        
·         Brainy Balqis        
·         Caring Kitty                             
·         Lenient Lynne
·         Sensible Sabita
·         Fantastic Fiducia
·         Amazing Aakriti
·         Enigmatic Emmy
·         Jovial Jyotsna

And, please, do have great craving for some RULES!
Sharing THE SUNSHINE smilingly, there're magical TOOLS!!

  • *      Thanking the person who has nominated you for the award and linking back to them.
  • *      Telling us something about yourself.
  • *      Nominating 10 other bloggers
  • *      Informing them that you have awarded them.

Am I clear?



  1. I would like to say a BIG WOW! to you Suresh for receiving the sunshine award from Rawiyah. My heartfelt thanks to you for nominating me for the award. This is the second time I get it. The first one was from Maznah and Rawiyah had wanted to pass the same award to me had I not received it from Maznah. I don't mind getting it over and over again! The more, the merrier! :)

    Suresh, your blog spreads a lot of sunshine to others. Your posts are always excellent! It's a blessing knowing a good writer and a nice person like you. Some of your posts touch the readers' hearts.

    Thank you for the special mention of me as 'brainy'. and the rest are even more brainy than me. Such a sweet compliment, thanks again, Suresh.

    Congrats to everyone whom you awarded with this beautiful award. :)

  2. Thank you, Balqis, for being so prompt with your impressive comment. You have proved that you are really BRAINY, aren't you?
    Really, the more we share merriment, the greater it grows the better we feel.
    Anyway, Rawiyah's vision may be right in some way. People have their own uniqueness. That's why the world is interestingly wonderful, isn't it? :)

  3. You're welcome! Nope, I come here not to prove who and what I am but rather on a bridge of friendship that links everyone from across the globe. Let's keep the friendship growing and glowing!

    Rawiyah is an excellent blogger. Her views are always superb. Her posts are always interesting and very well-written. Glad that we have met one such superb person in blogsphere. Yes, everyone is unique. The world is indeed wonderful! :)

  4. It's really wow feeling after receiving one more award from such a talented person. With a big smile on my face , I am accepting your award and A very big thanks to you for your kindness and generosity ^_^

  5. Hello Suresh,
    GREAT WOW...It is for the first time that i have got such an honor...GRATEFUL WOW to the GREAT friend for his GENEROSITY & GREATNESS...i am also here for GOOD friendship across the GLOBE...
    thanks again for your kind gesture

  6. Hi Suresh I am astonished that you would hand this amazing award to me. Thank you very much for thinking of me! I am glad to accept and shall do as you asked. :)

  7. @ Balqis - He-he-he!:) How minutely U've analyzed my comment and so succinctly U've answered! Who could do it if not a brainy and brilliant one?! That's how I view you and your creativity.
    Thank U once again! :)

  8. @ Geeta - You are most welcome, Geeta! You truly deserved it. And,I am so glad to hear that you've accepted it. Hope you will cruise ahead with more alluring posts. Do share your happiness with other friends of yours! Happy blogging!! :)

  9. @ Shahin - You are heartily welcome, Shahin. And, thank you so much for your subtle words. Good friendship gliding globally is today's demand to the concept of GLOBAL VILLAGE, and no doubt, you are also one of links! Let me congratulate you once again on your winning the award, deserving fellow! :)

  10. Hello Suresh,

    I am humbly accepting one more award from you with a Big smile ! :-) Thank you very much for thinking of me Again ! I am honoured ! A Big thanks to you for your generosity and kindness.
    Your all posts are excellent and most of them touches the heart..

    Thank you for your kind gesture ! :)

  11. @ Emmy - Hearty welcome to you, Emmy! It is your greatness to feel ASTONISHED, for people can see who deserve what. And, to the best of my judgement, you do deserve it. Thanks for accepting it! :)

  12. @ Kitty - Kitty!! Really, so caring you are to the eye of the friendship I have felt! Heartily welcome to the blog and heartfelt thanks for your accepting it open-heartedly. That's the way good friendship grows all around and worldwide, supporting, encouraging and ushering each other. Truly, I found your blog simply superb! Congratulations once again! :)

  13. Hi Suresh, I have to Thank you for so many things...For the award ( 2nd time), my first award is also given by you only...For your excellent blog, we are getting opportunity to read great, heart touching posts.
    frankly speaking, You are giving me more than I deserve..

    (Don't make a habit of giving me awards all the time...btw, where is my 3rd award ? :P )
    Just kidding :D

    You made my day, thank you ! :)

  14. Kidding Kitty!

    Umm.. in a dilemma...Ah! Got it!! That's why I had to select you for the award. In fact, I didn't do it willingly. You forced me to do so, didn't you? I mean your cutely bedecked blog flavored by heart-winning posts, though not in a great number, forced me to nominate you as an awardee.
    If you are afraid of getting into the habit of receiving award after award, please litter your blog to scare my heart and mind away. OK? Please don't hurt like that! :(

    And, the third award! Well I will soon offer you whether I receive the third one or not! But, I can't promise, since promise is made to break. And, I don't want to be a promise breaker or something else like that! :)
    Just kidding!
    You're welcome!! :D

  15. hi suresh......first of all thanks a lot for finding me worthy for this award!It has been a year for me in this bloggers world, but still the proces of learning has not yet ended! and of course it will never..... each of our blogger friend has some or many qualities, that we can easily learn,by being connected with them. I am honestly confessing that when i was new, i felt very nervous to make a new post, wonderng whether i could place it among other experienced bloggers or not!!!!!!
    And one more thing, i had never knew that there are some awards which are given to the bloggers. I heard it first from Balqis, after reading her blog "A sunshine for me"!
    Today i ma feeling really proud to be selected for this award! Now i can actually feel its importance and value!
    So thanks you Suresh once again.........
    I also congratulate all my othre blogger friend who have been awarded with this award!!!!! :)

  16. Hi, my Sunshine Friend Suresh!
    Yellow as the rose says- friendship, joy, warmth, and caring- this is surely you! But today you also must have another, a whole bunch, that symbolize "Get Well Soon," as I just read you were not feeling well, and my heart hurt for you.
    But since today is a WOW day for you, I send a great big loud "WOW! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!" You are sooooooo deserving! I just LOVE your blog concepts and exceptional posts and pics and the amaaazing way you express yourself! You are very special.
    Thank you so much for nominating me with this sunshine award. I will be linking your blogs to mine and continuing my tasks after this is finished. What an honor to be nominated!! What is done next? What do I tell the people I nominate re: what will happen with their nominations? And can I nominate you?
    Thank you for your priceless time you have taken to become my friend, for valuable advice, and cheeering my days just to hear from you. May you be WOWWED in countless ways on this WONDERFUL day for WARMING my heart and so many others with sunshine!! ~Lynne Patterson

  17. @ Aakriti - Hey Aakriti! You are so candid to speak out your heart. I appreciate it heartily. You know well we are all life learners to learn something new. And, that is possible only when we are in touch with something or each other's feelings and experiences. When someone ushered me into the world of bloggers, I was just in PG (play Group). In course of my playing the CLICKS around, I made some friends. Later on, some fellows urged me to have a blog to share my thoughts. And, I always remember and remain grateful to ONE of THEM who helped me to create my first blog WAVING FEELINGS. Perhaps, now I am in UKG in the field of blogging. :)
    Award! The first one, Stylish Blogger Award, I received from the same Balqis. At first, I was bemused at what to do. Anyway, I feel it is one of the beautiful ways of growing friends and friendship.
    About your selection, to tell the truth, it is your talent in writing that has made you deserve the Award. I am just a witness! Congratulations once again! :)

  18. @ Lynne – Ohhh.. LYNNE! So lenient you are, so laudably caring!
    My great pleasure to see you smiling here! Each and every word that you have strung here looks to be springing up into a lovely flower. You are heartily welcome to this simple home and countless thanks for such an invaluable bouquet in the warmth of the comment wishing me good health, sharing bliss on my being awarded and many more. Thank you so much! I feel WOWs being showered over me, dancing around me chanting the melodious friendship and the radiant delight! You have found me special, thanks, since you have special eyes to view with and even more special heart to feel with, I have felt. Your versatility dazzling on the skylines of your unparallel blogs nominated you for the award, me… just a medium, a conveyer, a witness! CONGRATULATIONS once again! :)

    There are four interesting rules at the bottom of my post, just above the last two lines. Anyway, I am just trying to answer your questions
    As I have understood such an award is a token of respect in a chain that we share in a group to grow friends and friendship on the ground of what we are doing as a blogger and what we can further do and share wider.

    Simply, download the award as a picture for your post. Thank your nominator with their link, which you have already done :).. Tell us something about yourself so that we can have greater interest in you... he-he-he…. Nominate 10 other wonderful bloggers for the award just as I have done.. spread smiles all around you… :) And, inform them that they have been nominated for the award.
    You can also save the award on the side bar or somewhere on your blog as a souvenir.


  19. Hello Suresh,

    first of all heariest congratulations to you for receiving this very deserving sunshine award !

    Thank you so much for considering me again for sunshine award ! I am delighted, Thank you ! :)

    I am so sorry that I couldn't come and receive my previous award till now, hope you won't mind and forgive me for that.

    Thank you once again ! :)

  20. hey want to sing...give me some SUNSHINE...give me some rain..hehehe :))

  21. Thank you, Jyotsna, for your kind visit. Thanks a lot! Many more times we make an attempt for one thing, but we are forced to have another one. I mean we can do nothing against time and circumstances, but be a puppet.
    Anyway, I could see you here. It is so nice!

    It's all right that you couldn't receive the previous award in time. But, I hope it is still waiting for you there to have a big smile at it.

    Hey wanna sing only, not dance?
    I feel you have got a full chance!!
    You have got the full SUNSHINE, why only some?
    You may have abundant RAIN at your door, since the rainy reason is in full swing, why only some? :))))