Friday, October 14, 2011

Life: A Journey!

Hello everybody!
Just trying to give the continuity to what the blog demands and what it has been shaped for! On reviewing my comments on your blogs, I got to have an idea to compose a HAIKU on going through the comment lines "Jeendagi hai ye ek safar, akele hi jeene ke liye; khair, milte rahenge hum, ek din bichhadane ke liye." And its English translation as I have tried is-
"Life is a journey that we are to lead alone, anyway.
Let’s continue HELLO’s and HI’s just to separate one day."

Life: A Journey!

It starts with a cry
Continues with tears and smiles
Ends with moans around!

Image: Deviantart


  1. That's life! The beginning of life is with cries, as we go along, we aren't spared from tears at the some time it is balanced with happiness which can make us smile. And the journey isn't complete without all the "moans" of dissatisfaction, frustration or whatever that bugs the life.

    A very nice write-up and you have said the reality of life in this Haiku. Loved it! :)

  2. Yes! The most basic events in a human life I tried to depict! You liked it! :)

  3. defined life in few lines.. awesome lines short nd compact ..hmmm liked it!

  4. facts of life nicely expressed in a haiku.
    fresh look in this post with a pic and a single haiku ! :)

  5. @ Geeta - Just tried to present the bare facts of most of the lives.
    Thanks! :)

  6. @ Kitty - Perhaps, life is like that, isn't it? :))
    Yes, now I have realized the importance of time especially of regular readers.
    The shorter, the swifter,
    the simpler, the sweeter! :)

  7. Yes I totally agree with you...the simpler, the sweeter ...One thing I have noticed that few poet bloggers use harder words to 'construct' their poems. Definitely those words didn't come to their mind in first place..due to this 'repair', the flow of words is obstructed.
    This is what I feel :)

  8. No doubt, Kitty. I do agree with you!! Free flow of ideas preserves the genuine quality. Thank you!!:)

  9. Life is expressed shortly in the lovely way !!!

    Mushkil tha bayan karna ay zindagi tujhe,
    Kuchh hi lafzon me bayan kar diya Suresh ne tujhe.

    1. Thank you Shahin! My attempt was short and simple, but your expression has added great beauty and meaning to it. Thanks a lot once again. Ohhh.. Sorry for late reply!