Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank You!

Hi, dear friends! 
Please have a look at what I have received!

It is my great pleasure to share with you all that a dear friend of mine Balqis from Malaysia, who owns a wonderful blog of versatile collection Part And Parcel Of Life ... () has again awarded me with an amazing award, The Versatile Blogger ! I thank her heartily for it. And, I can't help thanking all of you for your encouraging comments and inspiring posts on your blogs that have always allured me into making some comments, which have interestingly led me to some posts to serve you with on this blog so far.

And, now what I would like to offer you here for your literary taste is a collection of some poetic lines inspired and guided by a pair of lines ~

"Thank you for the amazing award!
Thank you so much for your cute care!!" 

in my comment that I have made on my friend Balqis's award-distributing post Awards For Friends !
Dedicated to all of you caring friends!

Thank You!

Some attempts with plain words I just make;
It is you who evaluate greatly and lift them to fame!
You put fresh life in what are supposed to fade
Without you what I present is supposed to be lame!!

It is you who have given my words a great name!
O' dear friends, my heart can’t help Thanking You!!

You care my creations much more than I can;
In this regard, I can hardly think of beating you!
You never miss my post as if you are my great fan;
You bedeck my blog with awards and many a view!!

It is you who have shot my blog to greater fame!
O' dear friends, my heart speaks ‘Hearty Thanks to You’!!

When I am in a fix, losing the way at the crossroads,
You guide me to the right path with your sweet calls!
When I am hopeless, silent, buried under unseen loads,
You get me to cheer up with a volley of comment balls!!

It is you who have let me know life is just a good game!
O' dear friends, some hearty words for you ‘Thank You’!!

When I feel heartaches - my heart pressed to doom,
Your healing words caress it not to let it crack!
When I feel my hopes sinking deep in gloom,
You give helping hands to pull them up onto the track!!

It is you who have inspired me to love sorrows to tame!
O' dear friends, you always make me thankful; Thank You!!

When I am away from blog sphere for some reason,
You draw my attention with curiosity and a big smile!
When I feel confined in confusion in the lack of vision,
I find your presence with a caring support just in a while!!

It is you who usher me ahead as a burning flame!
O' dear friends, so elated I am! So, let me Thank You!!


  1. Congratulations my friends! I become speechless with the power of your words! You are such a versatile blogger indeed! ;)

  2. Congratulations...enjoy your day of glory!!!

  3. You deserve the award, Suresh. I'm almost speechless reading this very beautiful and meaningful post. So touching, that's how I feel when reading all your kind words with the beautiful flow of expressions. That's a proof you're versatile! Thank you so much for accepting it. Allow me to say, I'd love my thanks to you to be as high as Mt Everest! I'm not exaggerating. It shows I'm happy when you accepted the award. Thank you so much! :)

  4. Congratulations! Your post sees it all, and you are right,she is one of a kind her friendship is so special. And I do thank her also for being such a wonderful friend to me, she never fails to encourage and give support to all her friends here at blog sphere. Very touching post, congratulations Suresh! :)

    Have a blessed Sunday! :)

  5. Congratulation !!!
    No words just THANK YOU for sharing such a meaningful blog...

    Dost ek saahil hai tufaano ke liye,
    Dost ek aaina hai armaano ke liye,
    Dost ek mehfil hai anjaano ke liye,
    Dost ek khwab hai raton ke liye...

  6. @ Prime Aque - Thanks a lot for your valuable words! Just trying to share something! And, it is you who give a great value to it!
    Hoping for your regular visit and encouragement! :)

  7. @ Miss Lego - Thanks a lot. Just enjoying! Hope you would like to double it by your friendly visits! :)

  8. @ Balqis - Let me thank you, Balqis, once again for the cute award and also for your guiding comments. I just make myself comfortable with what comes to me, accept it heartily hoping for the bright aspect and feel it to the bottom of my heart and just serve you with whatever comes out! I feel so happy and encouraged to find that my attempt has been successful in drawing your attention so far!!! :)

  9. @ Sagittarian - Thanks a lot, Sagittarian! Yes, I have felt we survive together happily in our mutual supports. And, friends giving care and support are always praiseworthy and we remember them spontaneously in rainy and palmy days, to share pains and pleasure!
    Thank you once again for your encouraging comment! :)

  10. @ Shahin - Hi Shahin, great thanks to you!
    Such nice and inspirational poetic lines!! :)

  11. WOW! ........lovely poem Suresh!
    And congrates for the award! :)

  12. @ Inspector - Thank you very much! :)

  13. Hello! I was told by a special friend to "Let's keep cheering together throughout the year the blessings of our lovely friendships and respect for others, and cheer "Happy World Friendship Day" all year long to all those people who we have found a precious space in our hearts for!"
    I responded, and said, "I agree! Thanks, Suresh!"
    So I am here to say many months early, "Happy World Friendship Day, to a lovely friend I respect."~Lynne

  14. Oh, Lynne! Hello!! How are you now? So sorry for late reply, friend. So sorry for getting late to share the friendly joys you have turned up so enthusiastically with, with your smile in the lead.
    Absolutely true, dear friend. I do agree with you and the special friend of yours. Let me wish you the same, with affectionately high respect!
    Thank you so much for such a great offer! :)

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