Friday, October 21, 2011

HAIKU: Criticism, Plz!

Hello there! J
The haiku served below is what my comment line “Criticism is the genuine window….” on one of your posts has led me to. Enjoy it and make some critical remarks as well, as suggested by the title!
Ha-ha-ha!! J

Criticism, Plz!

Your criticism
My genuine correction
Make me grateful, Please!

Image: deviantART


  1. Loved this haiku. You're letting us know your sincerity in accepting criticisms. It's clearly stated in the last line. Constructive criticism will keep us going cos from there we do the correction for what are wrong. :)

  2. Yes,friend, your comment is so constructive!
    Criticism is always constructive, I feel! What we should do is to develop the attitude to accept it in some creative way!

    Thanks a lot, Balqizss :)

  3. There is no such thing as right or wrong, because something may be right this moment and it may not be right the next moment OR something may be right for a person may not right for the other ! Each one has their own way of expression and opinion about anything and we should respect their view. So its absolutely fine if you express something in different way.
    As always, constructive criticism is always welcomed by all. :)

  4. Wow, intuitive, so logical! Thank you so much for your constructive comment, a comment that always paves a way ahead for my further steps! :)

  5. Got it now ...I am improving day by day...:D thanks

    Art is parasitic on life, just as criticism is parasitic on art.

  6. Nice to hear that!
    But, Geeta, you sound so philosophical with some different view. Anyway, I respect your view on art and criticism! :)
    If you like to lend me your ear, art adds life to life and criticism gives a finishing touch to its real meaning! Thanks a lot! :)