Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank You!

Hi, dear friends! 
Please have a look at what I have received!

It is my great pleasure to share with you all that a dear friend of mine Balqis from Malaysia, who owns a wonderful blog of versatile collection Part And Parcel Of Life ... () has again awarded me with an amazing award, The Versatile Blogger ! I thank her heartily for it. And, I can't help thanking all of you for your encouraging comments and inspiring posts on your blogs that have always allured me into making some comments, which have interestingly led me to some posts to serve you with on this blog so far.

And, now what I would like to offer you here for your literary taste is a collection of some poetic lines inspired and guided by a pair of lines ~

"Thank you for the amazing award!
Thank you so much for your cute care!!" 

in my comment that I have made on my friend Balqis's award-distributing post Awards For Friends !
Dedicated to all of you caring friends!

Thank You!

Some attempts with plain words I just make;
It is you who evaluate greatly and lift them to fame!
You put fresh life in what are supposed to fade
Without you what I present is supposed to be lame!!

It is you who have given my words a great name!
O' dear friends, my heart can’t help Thanking You!!

You care my creations much more than I can;
In this regard, I can hardly think of beating you!
You never miss my post as if you are my great fan;
You bedeck my blog with awards and many a view!!

It is you who have shot my blog to greater fame!
O' dear friends, my heart speaks ‘Hearty Thanks to You’!!

When I am in a fix, losing the way at the crossroads,
You guide me to the right path with your sweet calls!
When I am hopeless, silent, buried under unseen loads,
You get me to cheer up with a volley of comment balls!!

It is you who have let me know life is just a good game!
O' dear friends, some hearty words for you ‘Thank You’!!

When I feel heartaches - my heart pressed to doom,
Your healing words caress it not to let it crack!
When I feel my hopes sinking deep in gloom,
You give helping hands to pull them up onto the track!!

It is you who have inspired me to love sorrows to tame!
O' dear friends, you always make me thankful; Thank You!!

When I am away from blog sphere for some reason,
You draw my attention with curiosity and a big smile!
When I feel confined in confusion in the lack of vision,
I find your presence with a caring support just in a while!!

It is you who usher me ahead as a burning flame!
O' dear friends, so elated I am! So, let me Thank You!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wish You Dreamy Destination!

Hi there! 
Now I am presenting a two-stanza poem that I finished yesterday. As I went through an old comment of mine on a friend's post,
"Do keep on your creative journey to BEYOND IMAGINATION!
A friendly wish for you to get to your DREAMY DESTINATION!!
" I came up with something that goes here~

Wish You Dreamy Destination

Friend, I can't say what your true dream is!
Fairy tale, realistic colors searching for sense!!
You experiment with feelings flying overseas!
Thoughts are twisted and outcomes so intense!!

O friend, I can't guess what your true dream is!
Your moves often feel me beyond imagination!!
Yes, it is pleasantly puzzling what exactly it is!
Anyway, I just wish you your dreamy destination!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

HAIKU: Criticism, Plz!

Hello there! J
The haiku served below is what my comment line “Criticism is the genuine window….” on one of your posts has led me to. Enjoy it and make some critical remarks as well, as suggested by the title!
Ha-ha-ha!! J

Criticism, Plz!

Your criticism
My genuine correction
Make me grateful, Please!

Image: deviantART

Friday, October 14, 2011

Life: A Journey!

Hello everybody!
Just trying to give the continuity to what the blog demands and what it has been shaped for! On reviewing my comments on your blogs, I got to have an idea to compose a HAIKU on going through the comment lines "Jeendagi hai ye ek safar, akele hi jeene ke liye; khair, milte rahenge hum, ek din bichhadane ke liye." And its English translation as I have tried is-
"Life is a journey that we are to lead alone, anyway.
Let’s continue HELLO’s and HI’s just to separate one day."

Life: A Journey!

It starts with a cry
Continues with tears and smiles
Ends with moans around!

Image: Deviantart

Sunday, October 2, 2011

LOVE: in the hearts of optimists!

Hello Everybody !

Let me first wish you all PEACE, PLEASURE & PROSPERITY on the occasion of our great festival DASHAIN, which is well known in India as DASHAHARA or Durga Puja.

Well, dear friends, I got back after a long gap, didn't I? So sorry for having to keep you waiting so long!! I hope you have not taken it otherwise and will love this post as much as you did the previous ones. Although I had made up my mind to compose something under the title just after posting the last one, yet I didn't have enough time as well as creative thought about it. Perhaps, it happened so because of being too busy. Once I had some free time to have a look at one of the posts by Lynne Patterson, one of you, one of my dear friends. It reminded me of what more I wanted to compose regarding love, and inspired and encouraged me to accomplish this post as soon as possible. I dropped two comments there.

Perhaps, that's the first time I have ever dropped two comments on the same post and they have secured space just one after another consecutively. And, it is, of course, the first time I have declared the post title - it is ONE SINGLE ROSE by Lynne on the blog Menagerie;  The first comment of mine "So cute the poem is; Just as the rose is!" energized me and the second comment "A poem on ROSE that LOVE leads! So creative, great ideas it feeds!" led me to the accomplishment of the post. So, let me speak my heart out "I dedicate the post to my dear thoughtfully creative friend Lynne Patterson with good wishes for her healthy, happy and hilarious life with her great family on the occasion of our great festival DASHAIN, which is going on now".

LOVE: in the hearts of optimists!

“Excuse me, what do you mean by love?”

‘Just in a single simple sentence – LOVE is a mystery! Do you believe it? Well, people are free to pick up or make a sense of it of their own choice. Of course, they are free; we are free, aren't we? It is often heard that the people who are deep in love hold the PACIFIC of love within their hearts.’

“Doesn’t it all sound nonsense?”

‘No, it makes a clear sense!
Yes, it does.
Look, unless and until you have a big heart with love overflowing, how can you be said to have surplus love for someone special you love and how would you be called a lover? And, how come you are said to be deep in love?
It means when there is love in you, I mean “in your heart”, you are in love.
That’s why LOVE, as someone has defined, is a great MYSTERY.’

“OK! Shall we come up with some idea on it? Shall we declare love has no definition, since it is a mystery?” 

‘Yes, it has not any particular definition, yet we could be hopeful for its countless definitions offered by many more lovers with the passage of time.
Love in the eyes of lovers obviously differs from love in the mind of pessimists.
And, now love in the hearts of optimists may have its own charm!
Just an acronymic attempt to serve!
Would you like to have a taste?
If YES, do go ahead, please!’

L advocates for LIGHT OF HOPE and it’s high time it ROSE!
 So, those preparing to fall in love prefer to exchange a RED ROSE.
Your heart kindles the lamp of HOPE without letting your mind know.
Longing seeks its way to belonging, and as a NILE, you have nothing to do but flow.
The thoughtful mind may cautiously scan the daring heart in a great wonder.
Cos it has been tricked into a no-way-out maze just to wander and wander.

Countless challenges mushrooming around, you may come across.
True love is defiant and all set to glide ahead overcoming any nuisance.
Cos lovers have learnt nicely the ordeal may lay the SAHARA for them to cross.

True lovers made for each other outgrow superiority showering LOVE to infinity.
The cherished gratitude and devotion are valued invaluable.
The holy tie grows unbreakable and the sacrifice of self-interests is incredible.
You may feel a sapling growing out of your soft heart - a feeling of equity.
Yes, that’s what LOVE is praised high and loved for forever - its real beauty.

Genuine love is to grow up spiritually and be much more platonic.
Body is to mix into soil one day, but the immortal love is always sung for its fidelity.
Many may define LOVE in many a way, yet the heart-soothing one is always unique.

"A keepsake offered to dear friend Lynne, perhaps an outcome of my listening and feeling the minds and hearts of the people I have found talking around about their lives and experiences bridged by love."                                ~Suresh Shrestha

Thursday, July 14, 2011

LOVE: in the mind of pessimists!

"Many more say LOVE is Life but some define it as....."
is the part of my comment on some blogger friend's post that has led me to this post of mine!



The creation below is totally imaginative. It has nothing to do with anyone’s personal life, view and practice. Those who are already in love or planning or preparing to fall in love are gently warned not to practice any part of the message conveyed herewith in their lives and love, since it is supposed to be explicitly illicit in the witness-box of LOVE IS LIFE.
Those who comply with the warning-cum-instruction mentioned above are welcome below.

LOVE: in the mind of pessimists!

LOVE with its influence across the universe is too hard to portray in some limited words, since it is too mysterious! The explorer may fall prey to it and get lost in a mirage.
People holding different views and ideologies on it you may come across, across the globe.
Some are aggressive, but some so placid, you may realize.
Some are pessimistic whereas some so optimistic at the same time.
I can’t make any claim, for I have not made any research, but just searched.
I have heard some defining LOVE in some way, in an acronymic style.
And, what exactly I have done here is that I have labeled it with the definition in the mind of pessimists and also made an attempt to explain why so – it means I have just borrowed the mind of those people and tried to justify why LOVE appears as such an acronym.

L stands for Land of Sorrows.

‘Once you are in love, you need to compromise and befriend SORROWS.
You will have to get used to sleepless nights tossing yourself on the bed of THORNS.’
O refers to Ocean of tears.
“How come???”
“Well, I am not going to justify how it happens. I am only conveying it to you.”
Why it is so might be defined this way –
‘If you are in love, you must miss the fellow you love,.. ALWAYS!
And, any miniature misunderstanding might pierce your soft heart.
And, any hasty decision in the outburst of emotions may sink you down in TEARS.’
V indicates Valley of Death.
“No, never!!!”
“OK, OK! It is just what I heard! I have no experience, dear, ha-ha-ha!” J
Yeah, what I was adding is –  
‘Once you enter the VALLEY OF LOVE, it would be too difficult to find the way out.
Everything else may look petty to you, since oblivious you will go.
You might appear living a dead life because you are already in the VALLEY OF DEATH.’
E means End of Life.
“Oh, Gosh!!”
“Do relax, please! Simply a thought it is! And, nothing more!!”
‘As a local maxim, LOVE IS BLIND.
Lovers do have eyes; they can look at things around them.
But, they can’t see what they normally have to.
They do have mind to think. But they can’t think about the past and the future.
Lovers may defy any conditions and circumstances, social do’s and don’ts and make lots of enemies around them.
The history has witnessed the ultimate exits of different warriors, the true lovers.
They embraced the death with no remorse. That is the END OF LIFE!’

Well, well, well, I don’t know how you would rate the expression.

Nothing serious ON MY PART!
Just an acronym, and the outflow of my imaginative explanation.
Mind you, before any action just listen to your HEART! 

what my heartfelt wish for you all is--  
Live a lovable life with the undying great LOVE!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another WOW!

Hello dear Readers!
The post herewith is more the acceptance than the extension of the comment line dropped as a part of my comment on the post “The Sunshine Award :)” by Rawiyah, a blogger fellow of mine. Yet, had I not extended the acceptance how could I have had a related post on the award awarded to me? That is why it would not be irrelevant to relate that the post of mine is the outcome guided to by my comment line “It is my pleasure to accept it

Hello Rawiyah!
  I can’t help congratulating you on your winning the SUNSHINE AWARD.
Maznah nominated you!
  It does truly reflect the silky quality that you have to extend FRIENDWARD.

Your blog won the e-cook’s heart!
  I am dead sure she found it as yummy as her variety of dishes.
I too feel the flavors in your posts!
  So, for better and greater varieties, let me offer you friendly wishes.

Now I must thank you!
  You've elected my blog to share the sunshine with, HEARTY THANKS TO YOU!
Now my onus it is!
  I need to help the sunshine cover a greater area and I am just initiating with a few.

My pleasure it is!
  I accept such a wonderful gift from you, a ray of sunshine, a blogger friend of mine.
Come rain or sunshine,
  I feel all my friends close through rainy days to the palmy days of dazzling shine.

Well, well, let me now say something about me to you all.
  Of course I do have a pen, but unfortunately no pen name yet. but the real one!
I know something in English that I share with learners whether they are short or tall.
  They may call me a language instructor, yet I am still a learner – learning is a great fun!

I feel like playing with words just a baby plays with toys!
  Tossing the words around, arranging in some way or the other.
Adding some sense I like to create some writings and read them with great noise!
  I feel that is the way I have to shape my career better to share my knowledge further.

Nominating TEN bloggers!!

  A fairly hard nut for me to crack in a single attempt.
                    Anyway, I am searching for the deserving nominees now.
I could really do it!!
  I have been able to complete the quota in the first attempt.
                    So, I am just mentioning their names with their blogs now.

Dear deserving bloggers!
  Please have a lovely look at the gift with a big smile and do accept it coming forward.
Order-free names, as well as the blogs of yours that have their own styles!
  Here you are selected for the Sunshine Award.

·         Gorgeous Geeta

·         Sober Shahin        
·         Brainy Balqis        
·         Caring Kitty                             
·         Lenient Lynne
·         Sensible Sabita
·         Fantastic Fiducia
·         Amazing Aakriti
·         Enigmatic Emmy
·         Jovial Jyotsna

And, please, do have great craving for some RULES!
Sharing THE SUNSHINE smilingly, there're magical TOOLS!!

  • *      Thanking the person who has nominated you for the award and linking back to them.
  • *      Telling us something about yourself.
  • *      Nominating 10 other bloggers
  • *      Informing them that you have awarded them.

Am I clear?