Thursday, July 14, 2011

LOVE: in the mind of pessimists!

"Many more say LOVE is Life but some define it as....."
is the part of my comment on some blogger friend's post that has led me to this post of mine!



The creation below is totally imaginative. It has nothing to do with anyone’s personal life, view and practice. Those who are already in love or planning or preparing to fall in love are gently warned not to practice any part of the message conveyed herewith in their lives and love, since it is supposed to be explicitly illicit in the witness-box of LOVE IS LIFE.
Those who comply with the warning-cum-instruction mentioned above are welcome below.

LOVE: in the mind of pessimists!

LOVE with its influence across the universe is too hard to portray in some limited words, since it is too mysterious! The explorer may fall prey to it and get lost in a mirage.
People holding different views and ideologies on it you may come across, across the globe.
Some are aggressive, but some so placid, you may realize.
Some are pessimistic whereas some so optimistic at the same time.
I can’t make any claim, for I have not made any research, but just searched.
I have heard some defining LOVE in some way, in an acronymic style.
And, what exactly I have done here is that I have labeled it with the definition in the mind of pessimists and also made an attempt to explain why so – it means I have just borrowed the mind of those people and tried to justify why LOVE appears as such an acronym.

L stands for Land of Sorrows.

‘Once you are in love, you need to compromise and befriend SORROWS.
You will have to get used to sleepless nights tossing yourself on the bed of THORNS.’
O refers to Ocean of tears.
“How come???”
“Well, I am not going to justify how it happens. I am only conveying it to you.”
Why it is so might be defined this way –
‘If you are in love, you must miss the fellow you love,.. ALWAYS!
And, any miniature misunderstanding might pierce your soft heart.
And, any hasty decision in the outburst of emotions may sink you down in TEARS.’
V indicates Valley of Death.
“No, never!!!”
“OK, OK! It is just what I heard! I have no experience, dear, ha-ha-ha!” J
Yeah, what I was adding is –  
‘Once you enter the VALLEY OF LOVE, it would be too difficult to find the way out.
Everything else may look petty to you, since oblivious you will go.
You might appear living a dead life because you are already in the VALLEY OF DEATH.’
E means End of Life.
“Oh, Gosh!!”
“Do relax, please! Simply a thought it is! And, nothing more!!”
‘As a local maxim, LOVE IS BLIND.
Lovers do have eyes; they can look at things around them.
But, they can’t see what they normally have to.
They do have mind to think. But they can’t think about the past and the future.
Lovers may defy any conditions and circumstances, social do’s and don’ts and make lots of enemies around them.
The history has witnessed the ultimate exits of different warriors, the true lovers.
They embraced the death with no remorse. That is the END OF LIFE!’

Well, well, well, I don’t know how you would rate the expression.

Nothing serious ON MY PART!
Just an acronym, and the outflow of my imaginative explanation.
Mind you, before any action just listen to your HEART! 

what my heartfelt wish for you all is--  
Live a lovable life with the undying great LOVE!


  1. This is simply awesome! You wrote it in an acronymic style with your own unique definitions is really amazing! You have tons of ideas to come up with such a beautifully written post as this one. It fills me with awe! Too beautiful, Suresh! Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas. :)

  2. You've nicely described your views on Love : in the mind of pessimists ! :)

  3. hi friend! :)

    i have been trying to post my comments since last two days, bt due to some network problems, i was unable to do it! :(

    It is really an unexpected definition of love! yo have precisely explained love from pessimistic point of view! loved the "LOVE" explained here! thnks for sharing this new concept! keep going! :) :) :) :P

  4. @ Balqis
    @ Kitty
    @ Aakriti
    At first so sorry for the late reply.
    Thank you all so much for your liking the post and encouraging words. Just felt like how to speak a pessimist's mind in regard to LOVE and served here through the acronym I came across!

  5. Defined love very differently .. Love can be defined as one's behavior towards others. great post :)

  6. Thanks for your critical comment. :)
    And, one thing for your kind consideration- the acronym is the outcome of neither my behavior towards anyone nor anyone's towards me! Yeah, the explanation to justify how far such an acronymic expansion could be meaningful is my attempt. Just only that job is what I can claim as mine!:)

  7. Third time i am trying to comment here...hope this time i can post...
    You have narrated LOVE in the view of pessimist your unique style...Awesome !!!

  8. Oh! Hearty thanks for your incessant attempts!! Just a feeling to feel how people feel or felt about love that is supposed to be a MYSTERY! :)

  9. This was excellent, Suresh. You have such a way with words. You amaze me every time, and you leave me completely speechless, yet in awe, so I have to go back and reread and reread. Beautiful. Even though you call it a pessimistic view on love, to me, it was not. It was so romantic still. That kind of love is a love to cherish forever.~Lynne

    1. Dear Lynne,
      I am extremely sorry I did not visit my own blog regularly. But, you did and I do hope you do and will do in the countless days to come! As mentioned at the top of the page, it is 'YOUR BLOG', yes, 'YOUR OWN' - I am just a facilitator or just an entertainer. I feel moved to realize that it has come true! Each word of mine is dedicated to great friends like you, since the words that you feel amazing are just the gift of your inspiration. Please keep inspiring me with your priceless support!