Saturday, March 19, 2011

HOLI - Festive Colors!

Extending my comment line on one of your posts....
If only I were there to celebrate HOLI with all of you!
........................into a poem!

If only I were there to celebrate HOLI with all of you!
Let me also share some words on it as my colorful view!!

Ha-Ha-Ha! HOLI Hurray!!!

Knocking at the doors!
Peeping through the key holes!!

The fever of HOLI in several lawns and in many a song!
Refraining yourself from the Magic Touch? But, how long?

Wow! Great rushes everywhere in a happy haste,
Planning to celebrate with pomp and splendor the festive day best!

'No Jobs!' I do hate it at the busiest moment!
'You may call me MAD, thank you!' I have no comment!!

HOLI, the festival of bright COLORS is chiming the bells!
Varieties of sweets, delicious dishes!
Yummy!! I can have mouth-watering smells!!

Holi-mania already shot so high in the local ambiance!
No nuisance! Do enjoy it at your own convenience!!

Share bliss inviting all your neighbors!
Friendship, relationship with love and affection are its unique flavors!

Good Heavens! Splashes and squirts of color water!
Oh No! Hurling color-filled balloons at others does matter!!

'Ouch!! You rascal!' False anger spews with soaring delights and humors!
Wild chases!! Holding and smearing the targets with heavy colors!!
Ah, bitter enmities and resentments are now just rumors!

Soaked in and satiated with merriment we have a true feeling!
To bury the hatchet and rekindle healthy amity, we are all willing!!

A Cry of Victory!
'I smeared you with colors, dear! You look so cute like a duffer donkey!'
A response tones up!
'Stop coloring and jeering in that way, you naughty monkey!!'

The exchange of warm words on the frame of frankness!
Have such great funs together with cool closeness!!


They can't stop bursting  into loud laughter!
Chuckling and hugging each other,
They wish HAPPY HOLI, thereafter!

So are the actions and the words we often hear.
Some lock themselves in the house followed by fear.

After all, friends are friends! They can't be spared by the dear!
Gone are the jitters when they get colorful hands too near!!

No heart can say NO to such caring colors!
Hey, come on
Enjoy HOLI lest you should miss something worth a million dollars!!

Auspicious Moments to share bliss and blessings, Really!
Wish you all Healthy Smiles in Happy Lives at Happy Holi!!

A VERY HAPPY HOLI to All enjoying Holi with HOLY HEARTS!
PLEASE KEEP WAITING until I come up with new STARTS!!


  1. thats so nicely written ..keep it up!!! :)

  2. Nice... and very colourful. I wish I could write poetry!

  3. @Geeta- Thank you so much. Hope you have realized whose blog post the COMMENT LINE of mine belongs to. :)

  4. @Meeras - Thanks! I wish you to get your wish to be able to write poetry. Just listen to your heart for that!! :))

  5. This is a very creative and beautiful write-up!
    Is the comment line belonging to one person or more? :)

  6. @Balquis - :) Thanks!
    Thanks for yr curiosity!
    In fact, that is one of the lines of my comments on one of the blog posts I have recently gone through. And, what you have enjoyed as a poem is just the extension of the same COMMENT LINE. So, is the name of the blog "In Your Footsteps"!
    Just trying something unique, aren't I?
    Am I successful in launching something different? :)

  7. Yes, it's unique! And of course, you're very successful in launching something different. How lucky is the person whose footsteps you're following. :)

  8. @Balquis :) Thanks again!
    I have made comments on several posts of several bloggers, and, mind you, you are also one of them!
    Just keep waiting for the next post and try to find out whose post it would be connected to! :))

  9. Hehehe...this is a guessing game! Thanks. :)

  10. hmm no I don't know :))do tell me !

  11. The second last pair of lines are new and the second last line in the last pair has been reshuffled! :)

  12. This is such a happy blog :) i can't help but smile when i read it.

    Happy Blogging!

  13. Thanks a lot! That is what the blog is for - just to share some feelings, some experiences and some unforgettable smiles!
    Keep smiling in the same way!! :)