Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As usual I have lately made a comment on one of the posts of a blogger friend; and as promised I have again appeared with something as the extension of my comment line 
"I don’t know Why my heart aches so".
 I hope you will like and enjoy  the HAIKU as much as the previous posts. If any suggestion, you will be highly appreciated. 

Spring airs zealously
Cuckoos coo; but I don’t know
Why my heart aches so!

Cool morning breeze fondles
Mind to bliss, but I don’t know
Why my heart aches so!

Flowers sway gently
Bees dance round, but I don’t know
Why my heart aches so!

Friends’ radiant smiles bring
Smile for me, yet I don’t know
Why my heart aches so!

Your warm behavior
Gifts good hopes, yet I don’t know
Why my heart aches so!


  1. Why ur heart aches so "Chest pain really can be a sign of heart attack or other serious heart condition..just go for heart chk up why it aches"..jokes apart :D ... written v nicely..excellent rhyming ..

  2. Thank you, doctor SAHIBA, for your good words with kind concerns.
    But, the matter of pity is that my heart is a bit stubborn and also carefree so my mind often fails to convince it.
    Let's see what God's will is- whether He ignores me and lets me be here longer or loves me so much that He will call me sooner!

    He-he- just a counter-joke.
    Thank you again! :)

  3. Hehehe Suresh...whose heart could it be? Is it really yours?? You're simply amazing with your easy flow talent in poetry writing. I love and enjoy reading every line and kinda amused when you said your heart aches so even when there's beauty all around you! My turn to wonder why your heart aches so!

    Kidding, anyway!

  4. Aaa.. Ummm... .

    Well, it is simply a mystery for you to solve just as my comment line fetches some creation to share with you all and it is up to you to find out which comment of mine the line belongs to and where the comment is, in whose post.

    If you want to spy it out look at the picture above and try to read the inquisitive pair of eyes looking into your eyes. Perhaps, you will get to the depth of the mystery! :)

    Ho-ho-ho. Just joking! :)

    Thank you so much for your inspiring comment! :)

  5. Nepalese tigers with eyes full of curiousities! And one tame one roams blogsphere!! Hehehe

  6. It is supposed to be tamed and gently zestful, otherwise the blogsphere would go topsy-turvy.

    Perhaps, now it is curiously watching how ecstatically a charming Malaysian bee feels like dancing around and how often!! :D

  7. stunning words.

    love your poetry talent here,

    inviting you to join Poets Rally by submitting a poem, any poem is welcome.

    hope to see you in.
    keep entertaining!
    You Rock!

  8. Thank you.
    To join Poets' Rally! Wonderful!!
    I will make an attempt though I am just learning.
    Thank you once again! :)

  9. Spring air zealously,
    Pampers your memory,
    That's why your heart aches so!

    I have no words to describe your talent
    By binding the words you made them lively...

  10. Thanks for the answer, Shahin! :) I hope it will certainly soothe my heart and help it feel better. Now spring is fluttering its wing to fly away, isn't it? :)

  11. easy flow with beautiful rhyming..it relaxes nerves..still heart aches? hmmm :)

  12. @ Kitty - Kitty, in fact, several feelings are undecipherable and we get bemused at what exactly is going on. Anyway, you have found it nerve-relaxing, thanks a lot! :)

  13. hmmm Suresh, lemme guess......is it "the lonliness" or "emptiness" in your surrounding that makes your heart ache!!!!!

  14. Umm.... Well...perhaps one or both of them....or none of them. Just some feelings left only to feel... sometimes they are too simple to explain,.. and sometimes too strange to avoid.