Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom, you are the GREATEST!

The effort I have made here for you to have a kind look at is something DEDICATED TO MOTHERS. And, it is the extension of my comment line "Mom, you are my first multiple recognitions" in the comment that I have lately made on a blogger friend's post on Mother's Day, the 8th of May, the second Sunday of May, which more and more people celebrate across the globe, I hope.        

Mom, you are my first multiple recognitions!

You are my first care taker!
No sooner had I come to the world, than
You cuddled me to your chest and
showered me with the warmth of selfless love.
You felt hungry when it was empty, my small tummy.
You filled it by breastfeeding and satisfied your hunger.
What an overwhelming wonder!
Mom, you are my first multiple recognitions!

You are my first trainer!
My fingers were wild, ready to poke anyone in the nose and eyes.
You tamed them to hold food and toys.
My incisors were terrible, curious to bite anything and anyone.
Your loving smacks on my mouth brought them to discipline.
I didn’t know what my feet were for.
You made me stand on them and toddle ahead.
You trained me how to cover myself.
Brushing, taking a bath to toilet training!
Really, mom, you are my first multiple recognitions!

You are my first teacher!
You taught my lips to round and the tongue to dance.
Mom, the first word I uttered was nothing but 'Ma-Ma'.
That fetched you the heavenly mirth and me your big kiss in return.
Finding my babbling so pleasant to ear,
 you slowly but surely switched me to holophrasic run. 
Hence, you led me to the world of language, human-specific.
Each word you taught me was enticing and unique.
Pencil would tease me slipping out of fingers.
And, I would strangle it holding it tightly in anger.
Then, you taught my fingers to devotedly befriend the pencil.
And, you guided me
how to put tickling sounds into twisted signs on the paper.
That’s why I can say
 Mom, you are my first multiple recognitions!

You are my first motivator!
On the first day at my school
I cried my eyes out fearing to miss you.       
Smilingly you kissed all my tears and fear away.
And, then, you persuaded me with chocolates to share
and make friendship there.
Days rolled ahead one after another.
And, my learning cruised ahead further and further.
Sometimes I pretended a tummy-ache just to avoid school days.
You took me to the book fair and bought me several colorful story books.
They revealed stories on animals, insects, flowers and fairy.
You read them to me and got me to read them to you.
Bewitched, I made several efforts without feeling weary.
Frequently I tried to tip-toe quietly out for games
dumping the homework in the corner.
Your stern looks made me shrug and feel serious.
And, I became wise and realized HOMEWORK FIRST!
Yes, Mom, you are, of course, my first multiple recognitions!

You are my first leader-cum-inspirer!
You always said
 I was good and now I needed to be great.
You could feel proud of me
only when the world would salute me with high respect.
Inquisitively I questioned you how to be so.
Patting my shoulder and holding close, you suggested I excel in studies
with a promise of different toys.
Mom, you are not great to me, but the greatest!
No-one other than you has so far understood me the best!
No doubt, there is no doubt,
Mom, you are my first multiple recognitions!

Mom, you are many more to me!
Whenever I recall those days, I feel my edgeless emotions.
Mom, it is you, not even God, who are my creator.
I will remain deeply indebted to you for this beautiful life
until I am set on the eternal rest.
O my dear Mom, just a big smile, please!
Mom, you are the greatest, my first multiple recognitions!!!


  1. hey Suresh!!! anthr gud post!!!!
    yup mom is mom v can't either find out any competency's to her(she is juss d best soul in world) she do everything in exchange of juss nthng!!!
    Love to mom!!!!
    gud work!!!!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Yeah, mother's position is unparalleled; and, we are life-long indebted to her for her selfless love and blessing for her child/children. :)

  3. it's a masterpiece!That was amazing and true dedication! I liked the way you have written it ...concluded everything wow!:)

  4. Thank you so much! :) Simply an effort I tried my best to make to transform the true feelings in the heart into some lines! The way you encourage me inspires me to do better! :)

  5. Wow! Tears welled up in my eyes as I read your post! So simple yet so magnificient!
    If your mother reads this post, she will be on Cloud 9.
    Am so glad I read this. You made my day.
    Thanks a lot for the beautiful post. :)


  6. Thank you so much, Sahana. I hope the tears were the token of sacred emotions that you felt in the name of Mother, dedicated to her. :)

  7. It's such a beautiful poem for your mom. She must be very proud of you. It's written with love.

  8. Suresh, please convey my congratulations to your MOM for having such a feelingful son !!
    What an emotional post!!!

  9. Very beautiful! Thank you for posting and for the reminders of what I have in my mother! Priceless!!

  10. @Shahin - :) Thanks a lot. Just some holy feelings devoted to my mom and ALL THE MOMS across the globe for their selfless LOVE and CARE for us whom they love much more than themselves! :)

  11. @Lynne - Thank you very much! I am so happy to learn that the simple effort of mine got you to remember your mother with all those priceless gifts showering over you!

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  13. @ Balqis - Hey, what a wonder! How did you appear just in the middle without letting me know? Once I said your comment had appeared and disappeared. The date also reveals the matter. Playing Hide and Seek or what? :)

    Anyway, thank you for your lovely words. :)

  14. @ Freelancefortunes - Hello! Thanks for your link.
    OK,I will try to be there.

  15. Wow ! such a beautiful poem ! full of love n dedication :)

  16. @ Kitty - Yes Kitty, I feel we will remain in debt of mother for her love and care till the last breath. So, I have placed her higher than God - just a feeling of respect,but no intention at all to make little of God.

  17. A beautiful poem indeed and I am sure your mother loved the words you wrote. I wrote a poem about mothers too which you might like to read:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and for reminding us of how important mothers are in each of our lives.

  18. Heartfelt thanks for your comment and invitation to your home of creation, especially to have a look at your thought-made gift for your mom and feel how deeply and high you have felt respect for your mom!
    Sure! I did accept such a wonderful offer. I will be there within a week with my comment. For some days I've been too busy updating my blog with a new post. Thank you once again! :)

  19. beautiful piece of work...... can't dare to make a nous! :)

  20. Thank you, Aakriti! 'Mom' is the most adorable word on the earth, I feel. :)