Monday, March 28, 2011

Haiku: Smile Back at Life, Dear!

"life, as many people have experienced and defined, is an invaluable gift of nature to us! Yet, it is not just for recreation, but for creating and re-creating several humane values for better co-existence. It is a duty the Creator has assigned us for. And, in the line of the duty, we are to come across many more challenges to face and sufferings to go through. And, every moment, we constantly need to get inspired and energized by a beautiful, positive thought-cum-imagination for which we need to learn to SMILE at ourselves at first!" 
This collection of Haiku trails my comment line 
'Smile back at life, dear!' on one of your posts.
Just guess whose it is - a guessing game!

Sell-out of the time 
Moments of ordeal to hope
Smile back at life, dear!

Love-and-hatred game
Cyclones of emotions, yet
Smile back at life, dear!

Tear drops to quench thirst
Woes satisfy hunger, yet
Smile back at life, dear!

Cool, calm sun at dusk
Journey close to the end, yet
Smile back at life, dear!

Reading and thinking
Aftermath of these haiku
Smile back at words, dear!


  1. How nice to be able to smile back. It's one of the greatest gifts. Bet your friend has a very wide smile now. An honour indeed for that particular person for every stanza of this haiku gives so much motivation. It really uplifts the spirit in journeying through the ever changing and challenging life.

    A big thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Hearty thanks for such words!
    Really, it gives immense pleasure that words fail to convey when one gets out of gloom and doom and regains the hope of life with a big smile!
    Hope you have a very very big smile!!

  3. Smile back at life, dear!wow..The poem put a smile on my face! life is all about smiling and living so why dnt we live it with big smile ^_^

  4. Yes, I agree to your words. It is smile that we can share with others to lighten our hardship and help others to. And, hope you will have a big smile every day, every moment- in the same way! :)

  5. lets see ,whether it made me smile just appeared....what ever the consequence it is...i liked the way u wrote!!

  6. Thanks a lot! At least you liked it!!
    Wish you true smiles throughout your life!!

  7. After reading and pondering
    Aftermath of these hikus
    Really smiled back at words
    And smiled back at life dear...

    Wonderful creation...

  8. Thanks a lot. Keep visiting, please! :)