Thursday, July 14, 2011

LOVE: in the mind of pessimists!

"Many more say LOVE is Life but some define it as....."
is the part of my comment on some blogger friend's post that has led me to this post of mine!



The creation below is totally imaginative. It has nothing to do with anyone’s personal life, view and practice. Those who are already in love or planning or preparing to fall in love are gently warned not to practice any part of the message conveyed herewith in their lives and love, since it is supposed to be explicitly illicit in the witness-box of LOVE IS LIFE.
Those who comply with the warning-cum-instruction mentioned above are welcome below.

LOVE: in the mind of pessimists!

LOVE with its influence across the universe is too hard to portray in some limited words, since it is too mysterious! The explorer may fall prey to it and get lost in a mirage.
People holding different views and ideologies on it you may come across, across the globe.
Some are aggressive, but some so placid, you may realize.
Some are pessimistic whereas some so optimistic at the same time.
I can’t make any claim, for I have not made any research, but just searched.
I have heard some defining LOVE in some way, in an acronymic style.
And, what exactly I have done here is that I have labeled it with the definition in the mind of pessimists and also made an attempt to explain why so – it means I have just borrowed the mind of those people and tried to justify why LOVE appears as such an acronym.

L stands for Land of Sorrows.

‘Once you are in love, you need to compromise and befriend SORROWS.
You will have to get used to sleepless nights tossing yourself on the bed of THORNS.’
O refers to Ocean of tears.
“How come???”
“Well, I am not going to justify how it happens. I am only conveying it to you.”
Why it is so might be defined this way –
‘If you are in love, you must miss the fellow you love,.. ALWAYS!
And, any miniature misunderstanding might pierce your soft heart.
And, any hasty decision in the outburst of emotions may sink you down in TEARS.’
V indicates Valley of Death.
“No, never!!!”
“OK, OK! It is just what I heard! I have no experience, dear, ha-ha-ha!” J
Yeah, what I was adding is –  
‘Once you enter the VALLEY OF LOVE, it would be too difficult to find the way out.
Everything else may look petty to you, since oblivious you will go.
You might appear living a dead life because you are already in the VALLEY OF DEATH.’
E means End of Life.
“Oh, Gosh!!”
“Do relax, please! Simply a thought it is! And, nothing more!!”
‘As a local maxim, LOVE IS BLIND.
Lovers do have eyes; they can look at things around them.
But, they can’t see what they normally have to.
They do have mind to think. But they can’t think about the past and the future.
Lovers may defy any conditions and circumstances, social do’s and don’ts and make lots of enemies around them.
The history has witnessed the ultimate exits of different warriors, the true lovers.
They embraced the death with no remorse. That is the END OF LIFE!’

Well, well, well, I don’t know how you would rate the expression.

Nothing serious ON MY PART!
Just an acronym, and the outflow of my imaginative explanation.
Mind you, before any action just listen to your HEART! 

what my heartfelt wish for you all is--  
Live a lovable life with the undying great LOVE!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another WOW!

Hello dear Readers!
The post herewith is more the acceptance than the extension of the comment line dropped as a part of my comment on the post “The Sunshine Award :)” by Rawiyah, a blogger fellow of mine. Yet, had I not extended the acceptance how could I have had a related post on the award awarded to me? That is why it would not be irrelevant to relate that the post of mine is the outcome guided to by my comment line “It is my pleasure to accept it

Hello Rawiyah!
  I can’t help congratulating you on your winning the SUNSHINE AWARD.
Maznah nominated you!
  It does truly reflect the silky quality that you have to extend FRIENDWARD.

Your blog won the e-cook’s heart!
  I am dead sure she found it as yummy as her variety of dishes.
I too feel the flavors in your posts!
  So, for better and greater varieties, let me offer you friendly wishes.

Now I must thank you!
  You've elected my blog to share the sunshine with, HEARTY THANKS TO YOU!
Now my onus it is!
  I need to help the sunshine cover a greater area and I am just initiating with a few.

My pleasure it is!
  I accept such a wonderful gift from you, a ray of sunshine, a blogger friend of mine.
Come rain or sunshine,
  I feel all my friends close through rainy days to the palmy days of dazzling shine.

Well, well, let me now say something about me to you all.
  Of course I do have a pen, but unfortunately no pen name yet. but the real one!
I know something in English that I share with learners whether they are short or tall.
  They may call me a language instructor, yet I am still a learner – learning is a great fun!

I feel like playing with words just a baby plays with toys!
  Tossing the words around, arranging in some way or the other.
Adding some sense I like to create some writings and read them with great noise!
  I feel that is the way I have to shape my career better to share my knowledge further.

Nominating TEN bloggers!!

  A fairly hard nut for me to crack in a single attempt.
                    Anyway, I am searching for the deserving nominees now.
I could really do it!!
  I have been able to complete the quota in the first attempt.
                    So, I am just mentioning their names with their blogs now.

Dear deserving bloggers!
  Please have a lovely look at the gift with a big smile and do accept it coming forward.
Order-free names, as well as the blogs of yours that have their own styles!
  Here you are selected for the Sunshine Award.

·         Gorgeous Geeta

·         Sober Shahin        
·         Brainy Balqis        
·         Caring Kitty                             
·         Lenient Lynne
·         Sensible Sabita
·         Fantastic Fiducia
·         Amazing Aakriti
·         Enigmatic Emmy
·         Jovial Jyotsna

And, please, do have great craving for some RULES!
Sharing THE SUNSHINE smilingly, there're magical TOOLS!!

  • *      Thanking the person who has nominated you for the award and linking back to them.
  • *      Telling us something about yourself.
  • *      Nominating 10 other bloggers
  • *      Informing them that you have awarded them.

Am I clear?